“Detroit 1-8-7”…Good for TV…Great for Detroit

Before I discuss in short why I believe the TV show “Detroit 1-8-7” is great for viewers and great for the city of Detroit, I first have to admit something. I honestly admit that when I first heard about the idea of a television show called “Detroit 1-8-7” being produced, I thought just from the title alone and the seemingly increasing negative perception of Detroit at the time, that it was going to not be good at all.

As a long-time Detroiter myself,  the only things that I was hearing at the time about Detroit frequently in the media was: 1) How bad our “crazy” ex-mayor Mr. Kwame Kilpatrick during the infamous text message scandal …2) How bad our coveted “Big 3” (Chrysler, Ford, GM) auto industry was taking a hit…3) And last but not least…How bad our major football team the Detroit Lions was with having one of the worst season records in NFL history. So to hear that a show with the police code for homicide in its title and was about Detroit, I was bummed that it could further damage the already hurting image of the city to the main media.

But wow, was I wrong!

After the show started getting its overall feel with character-focused stories in its 2nd and 3rd episodes (with the pilot episode coming off like a “test run”), I was instantly hooked. Instead of putting a major focus on the negatives of the city, which could have easily “glorified” and focused on the murder cases and various crimes in Detroit, they instead made the show about people unifying to help stop the bad in the city while showing off what Detroit is all about. The show comes off as a really well –written, basic “cop show” that just happens to be in Detroit without making the city look like an crazy, apocalyptic nightmare. Just a normal great town trying to better itself and make an overall “comeback”.

And not only this, it still gives me great joy every episode when I’m reminded of the fact that this show was actually FILMED IN DETROIT, as opposed to other known shooting locations like Toronto or Minnesota being portrayed as “Detroit” on film (looking at you “Detroit Rock City!!).

When I see images like this every week of the sights and sounds of Detroit…



…it seriously makes me both excited and very proud to be a Detroiter here.

So with the season (hopefully not series) finale of “Detroit 1-8-7” airing this Sunday, I really hope and pray that not only do our loyal, awesome Detroit viewers and supporters tune in to help keep the show alive, but also for anyone from across the nation who remotely loves good television to tune in as well.

In the end, the show has done a tremendous job of portraying the city in a good light while also helping out the Detroit and Michigan film industry as a whole with providing jobs and boosting economy. And overall, it would be a darn shame if a great show like “Detroit 1-8-7” isn’t given a second chance to really prove its worth amongst the best “cop shows” done on television so far.

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4 Responses to “Detroit 1-8-7”…Good for TV…Great for Detroit

  1. Colleen Seestadt says:

    The show is good. I watch or DVR every week. One improvement that could be made is the sound. Many times the music is too loud and I can’t hear the voices. Hoping the show gets its’ well deserved 2nd season.

  2. Cecilia says:

    As a rule, I don’t like cop shows. Living in a small-ish town west of Detroit, I was intrigued, and watched the first episode. It was fun to point to various landmarks and chirp, “I’ve been there!” As the show went on, I really connected with the characters, and there was one character who was supposed to testify in court,but didn’t show up, and he was found working in a community garden against a backdrop of urban decay. This show is like that garden. I asked a friend of mine if we liked the show because it’s local to us, or if it’s just that good. After the episode about the little girl caught up in the foster care system, and how Fitch did the right thing even though it was legally wrong, we both agreed that the show is THAT good. And you know, Detroit has some unique problems, but it also has the same problems as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and even my own hometown of San Antonio. In this show, Detroit is as much a character as Sanchez, Stone, Washington, Mason, Longford, Fitch, and Mahajan. And after every episode, I find myself rooting for it. This show deserves a second season. So does Detroit.

  3. Nicely said. The approach of the show toward the city (both the good and the bad) makes me feel a bit more hopeful with each episode that we are making progress here. It thrills me each time I see a known landmark. I also love to try and figure out where the locations that aren’t so familiar are.


  4. Nicely stated. I am equally excited/intrigued with the balance of crime and unique/historical areas portrayed in Detroit187. I’m hoping for a second season! Do you know of any other cast members (regulars + extras) for a national show that is “collectively engaged” in promoting the positive and “doing good” around a town like Metro Detroit.

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