About “Not Quite 007”

Hello! Below is a brief “semi” bio of myself! Enjoy.

Julian Bond is Social Media/Marketing Manager for the Detroit Medical Center, where he helps lead social media efforts and outreach in Detroit, Michigan. These efforts include helping develop the DMC Blog, DMC Social Media home site, and managing the individual Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr sites for the entire Detroit Medical Center hospital system. 
Prior to joining the Detroit Medical Center in 2005, Julian worked for the Detroit Free Press newspaper as a summer apprentice, was chosen for the Associated Press Diverse Voices journalism program, and was a head feature writer for the University of Michigan – Dearborn college newspaper. Also he was a featured columnist who wrote about the sports of pro wrestling (yep, THAT wrestling with the steel chairs, etc) for the website 411Mania.com [check out some of my work here: http://www.411mania.com/user_profile.php?user_id=2867].
Offline, Julian is into hanging out around Metro Detroit, being a big pop culture fan, and enjoying a good slice of pizza.

DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions of this blog don’t represent those of my current employer.


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